Wind Energy & the Environment

Wind energy works, is increasingly cost-effective, has a net positive environmental impact, and is compatible with most existing land uses. The links below touch on the topic of wind’s environmental benefits and impacts.

World’s first wind turbine with recyclable blades is up and spinning


Michelle Lewis

Siemens Gamesa’s first recyclable blades are spinning on a wind turbine at the Kaskasi offshore wind farm in Germany. It’s the first commercial installation of recyclable wind turbine technology.

Sunak accused of ‘economic illiteracy’ over pledge to block onshore windfarms


Peter Walker

Opposition parties have accused Rishi Sunak of “economic illiteracy” and a lack of seriousness over the climate emergency after he announced a plan for the UK to become energy independent while at the same time making it harder to use onshore wind.

Tucker Carlson Brings Rants Of Ugly Wind Turbines And Falling Sperm Counts To Iowa


S.v. Date

Carlson ridiculed concern about climate change ― “Get your stupid wind turbines off there and slink back to New York!”

Wind Turbine Blades Folkecenter Jpg

Latest Anti-Wind Myths Circulating on the Internet: Clean Green Hoax & Blade Waste Filling up Landfills


Paul Gipe

I don’t do a lot of wind energy flim flam debunking these days. I leave that to the next generation. However, I will take up my cudgel reluctantly when my friends throw something egregious in my face. And that happened recently from several different sources: one a FaceBook post, and another from a chain email that’s circulating.

Sources of opposition to renewable energy projects in the United States


We identified 53 utility-scale wind, solar, and geothermal energy projects that were delayed or blocked between 2008 and 2021 in 28 U.S. states.

Wind energy company pleads guilty to killing at least 150 eagles


Maya Yang

Turbine blades owned by ESI Energy hacked many birds to death, a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act