Myths about Noise, Health, & Safety

Wind turbines are machines that spin in the wind and generate electricity atop tall towers. As such, the blades, transmission, and generator emit noise when the turbine is operating. Because modern wind turbines are relatively new on the landscape, a veritable cottage industry has arisen attributing a panoply of ills to wind turbines–even when they are not operating. Consequently, there are numerous studies on the health effects of the noise from wind turbines. This section includes links to these studies and to reports on the general environmental impacts and benefits of wind energy.

LM Wind employee dies; uncertain if related to COVID-19


An LM Wind Power employee has died, but it is unclear if the death is related to the COVID-19 outbreak at the plant. In a message sent to employees Wednesday afternoon, the company announced that Jose Gonzalez, who had worked with LM for more than six years, died.

Why do so many US workers fall to their deaths?


Michael Sainato

There were 5,250 fatal work injuries in the US in 2018, with falls a leading cause of death – and cuts in government oversight may lead to more

Worker Dies, Another Injured After Trench Collapse at Skookumchuck Wind Project Site


Eric Rosane

One person working at the Skookumchuck Wind Project construction site is dead and another is critically injured after a trench collapsed on the two workers Thursday morning.

Wind energy and health court cases found for wind energy


Michael Barnard

Wind energy was found not guilty of health impacts 48 times in 5 countries

Mystery surrounds animal deaths on France’s farms


Farmers in France are claiming that electromagnetic fields created by wind farms and other electrical installations are leading to low productivity and high rates of mortality.

Can sound protect eagles from wind turbine collisions?


Acoustical Society Of America

One possible way to prevent these deaths is to chase the birds away with acoustic signals—sound. To determine what types of sounds are most effective in deterring the birds, researchers at the University of Minnesota and their colleagues tested the behavioral responses of bald eagles to a battery of both natural and synthetic acoustic stimuli.