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Large wind turbines are those used to generate commercial quantities of electricity. This category includes single turbines used in distributed applications as well as arrays of multiple wind turbines used in a wind power plant.

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Wind Power Plants and Wind Farms Definitions


Paul Gipe

In recent correspondence with colleagues, I noted the unfortunate reoccurrence of the term “wind parks” to describe wind farms or …

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Wind Power Plants–Description from Wind Energy for the Rest of Us


Paul Gipe

Reflecting the concept’s newness are the many terms that arose to describe it: wind farms, wind parks, and wind power plants, to name a few. Early on, finding the best nomenclature created a dilemma. On the one hand, advocates wanted a term connoting wind’s technological success and its coming of age as a conventional source of electricity, conveyed by the term wind power plant. On the other hand, proponents also wanted to preserve the association with the enlightened land use–the stewardship–that the term wind farm implies.

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Heirloom & AirLoom Prove that Cleantech Stupidity Often Repeats & Even Occasionally Rhymes


Michael Barnard

So there you have it. Both Heirloom and AirLoom are variants of long-failing technological pathways. They are both massively mechanically complicated for little return. They are both funded by Bill Gates. They are both destined for the dust heap of history. It’s remarkable that anyone would give them money, and it’s remarkable how much fawning press they’ve received. In this case, history is both repeating itself, and rhyming.

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Transpower—the Flying Clothesline from the Early 1980s


Paul Gipe

Transpower was another of those companies that thought they had a bright idea about how to harness wind energy in …

Wwea Halfyear Report 2023

WWEA Half-year Report 2023: Additional Momentum for Windpower in 2023


Stefan Gsänger

While in the first half of 2022, 29,8 Gigawatt were added, the world installed 41,2 Gigawatt in the same period of 2023, 38% more than in 2022. This equals a year-to-year growth rate of 11,4%, when comparing the total installed capacity end of June 2022 and end of June 2023. With this, the global installed capacity stood at 976 Gigawatt in June 2023, out of which 100 Gigawatt were added in the twelve months from July 2022 to June 2023. The sector shows clearly a more dynamic growth in the first half 2023, with a 4,4% semiannual growth, compared to 3,5% in the first half of 2022.

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Rivian’s Normal, IL, plant is now charging every new EV with 100% clean energy


Michelle Lewis

Rivian’s 2.8 MW wind turbine at its Normal, Illinois, plant is officially online and, along with solar, is charging every new EV with clean energy. Rivian announced it would install the wind turbine in June 2022, and Charlottesville, Virginia-based Apex Clean Energy began construction of the turbine in May. Now it’s up and running and capable of generating nearly 10 million kilowatt-hours of electricity a year – enough to power 890 average US homes.