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Large wind turbines are those used to generate commercial quantities of electricity. This category includes single turbines used in distributed applications as well as arrays of multiple wind turbines used in a wind power plant.

Paul Gipe Bill Gipe Carcassonne 1991

Famous Fortified French Village Proposes a Wind Turbine to Power its EVs. . . in 1946!


Paul Gipe

My historical journey into the deep recesses of wind energy took another odd twist yesterday. I was updating my bibliographic …

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Mystery Wind Turbines of the Salinas Valley Wind Rush–Solved


Paul Gipe

During the heyday of the Great California Wind Rush in the early to mid 1980s, there were a handful of …

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38th Annual Windmill-Wildflower Hike Planned for Tehachapi 18 May 2024


Paul Gipe

Tehachapi Windmill-Wildflower Hike 2024 38th hike Paul Gipe and Georgette Theotig will lead a hike among the wind turbines on …

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The first wind farm on California’s coast just came online


Michelle Lewis

The Strauss Wind Project in Santa Barbara County, the first wind farm on California’s coast, is now online. The 98-megawatt (MW) Strauss Wind is near Lompoc, on the Central Coast, with Vandenberg Space Force Base to the south, west, and northwest. The location’s 3,000-acre topography is perpendicular to the predominant wind direction from the ocean, making it an ideal location to generate wind power.

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Yes, wind turbines kill birds. But fracking is much worse


Sammy Roth

It’s also why journalists should avoid treating bird deaths at wind farms as unforgivable sins, rather than as nasty side effects of renewable energy development that we should work hard to minimize but likely can’t avoid entirely. As part of his study, Katovich used the International Newsstream database to run a comparison. He found that in 2020, major U.S. news outlets published 173 stories about the effects of wind farms on birds — and just 46 stories on fracking impacts. I wrote last week that it’s time to see the world through climate-colored goggles. That’s true for the media as much as anyone.

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Uruguay’s green power revolution: rapid shift to wind shows the world how it’s done


External Source

Today, the country has almost phased out fossil fuels in electricity production. Depending on the weather, anything between 90% and 95% of its power comes from renewables. In some years, that number has crept as high as 98%. Uruguay, meanwhile, has moved on to what is becoming known as the second stage of its transition. It is gradually moving its buses and public vehicles over to electric, and incentivising taxi and minicab drivers to switch.

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