News & Articles on Solar Energy

While I have primarily worked with wind energy, I have long been a proponent of renewable energy in the broadest sense. This includes solar energy. My work in Canada, especially Ontario, stressed inclusion of solar energy because it had been previously overlooked. At one time Ontario was one of the leading jurisdictions in North America developing solar photovoltaics due in part to the programs I and others pushed. The political winds changed and these policies were abandoned and with it Ontario’s progress toward a renewable energy future.

High PV system prices, falling FITs make small solar unviable in Germany


Petra Hannen

Anyone in Germany who wants to put a small-scale PV system into operation in November 2021 must expect electricity generation costs of €0.1152 ($0.13)/kWh and a feed-in tariff (FIT) of €0.0703/kWh.

France announces 10 measures to support PV deployment


Gwénaëlle Deboutte

France has announced a new 10-measure plan to facilitate solar deployment, featuring new and existing provisions. It is designed to support the installation of more than 3 GW per year throughout the country by the end of 2025.

UK solar rooftop deployment to exceed 500MW in 2022


Solar PV deployment on rooftops in the UK is forecast to exceed 500MWdc in 2022, representing a landmark moment for the UK solar industry.

Solar Rebate Vs. Feed-In Tariff: Explainer


Michael Bloch

Confusing Australia’s national solar rebate with feed-in tariffs is still pretty common – this explainer clarifies the differences between the two incentives and what they are worth.

More details on France’s new FIT for PV projects up to 500 kW


Gwénaëlle Deboutte

The provisions for a fixed feed-in tariff (FIT) for all PV systems up to 500 kW in size have finally been published in France’s Official Journal – after an agonizing two year wait. pv magazine France provides the low down on tariffs, caps, carbon criteria, and integration.

2021/28 “Vietnam’s Solar Power Boom: Policy Implications for Other ASEAN Member States”


Thang Nam Do and Paul J. Burke

Vietnam has recently seen a remarkable solar photovoltaic (PV) boom, the first stage of a major and rapid energy transition in the country. The country’s solar PV capacity increased from only 86 MW in 2018 to 4,750 MW in 2019.

Partial shading by solar panels delays bloom, increases floral abundance during the late-season for pollinators in a dryland, agrivoltaic ecosystem


Here we investigated the effects of solar arrays on plant composition, bloom timing and foraging behavior of pollinators from June to September (after peak bloom) in full shade plots and partial shade plots under solar panels as well as in full sun plots (controls) outside of the solar panels. We found that floral abundance increased and bloom timing was delayed in the partial shade plots, which has the potential to benefit late-season foragers in water-limited ecosystems.

China may deploy up to 75 GW of PV this year


Emiliano Bellini

According to new forecasts from AECEA, China may see strong development of large-scale solar plants this year, due to a massive pipeline of unsubsidized projects. Furthermore, the distributed generation segment will be boosted by incentives provided by the national and regional governments.

Germany’s solar power expansion reaches 8-year-high in 2020, adding nearly 5 GW


Edgar Meza

New photovoltaic capacity in Germany reached nearly five gigawatts (GW) last year, up nearly one GW from 2019, Sandra Enkhardt writes in pv magazine citing data from the country’s Federal Network Agency. Added PV capacity in 2020 reached 4.8 GW, the highest figure since 2012, according to data by research institute Fraunhofer ISE. Some 184,000 new solar power systems were installed last year, according to the German Solar Association.

Wind Power & Renewables Surge To New Record In China


Kurt Lowder

China has done it again! It has beat expectations on the amount of wind power added in 2020, with a staggering 72 gigawatts of wind power added last year.