News & Articles on Solar Energy

While I have primarily worked with wind energy, I have long been a proponent of renewable energy in the broadest sense. This includes solar energy. My work in Canada, especially Ontario, stressed inclusion of solar energy because it had been previously overlooked. At one time Ontario was one of the leading jurisdictions in North America developing solar photovoltaics due in part to the programs I and others pushed. The political winds changed and these policies were abandoned and with it Ontario’s progress toward a renewable energy future.

Traverse City’s historic wind turbine retired, makes way for solar panels


Sheri Mcwhirter

An historic wind turbine that for decades served as a clean energy symbol and up north geographic marker recently came down near Traverse City.

Germany deployed 916 MW of solar in March


Sandra Enkhardt

Germany’s cumulative installed PV capacity for all subsidized and unsubsidized PV systems stood at around 58.2 GW by the end of March.

WWEA and Global100RE call for renewable energy equipment for immediate humanitarian relief in Ukraine


Stefan Gsanger

In order to help civilians, the World Wind Energy Association WWEA and the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform Global100RE, supported by Global100RE Ambassador Ruslana, are calling for donations of equipment which can supply power independently from the national grid, after all small and stand alone solar systems including batteries, power banks etc.

France to boost solar energy capacity beyond 100 GW by 2050, says Macron


French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that France plans to multiply its solar energy production capacities roughly tenfold by 2050.

Chinese solar industry may reach 500 GW module capacity by year end


Emiliano Bellini

According to Asia Europe Clean Energy (Solar) Advisory (AECEA), this huge capacity may not be met by actual demand in the global market. Furthermore, the consultancy reveals that solar module prices should reach a price level of up to RMB 1.75 ($028)/W by the second half of the year, and that in 2021 new PV additions totaled 53 GW with more than half of this capacity being delivered by distributed generation.

Good Energy offloads 47.5-MW generation portfolio to Bluefield Solar


UK renewable power company Good Energy Group Plc (LON:GOOD) has sold its entire 47.5-MW portfolio of renewable generation assets to Bluefield Solar Income Fund Ltd (LON:BSIF), the firms said today.

Coal-hungry Indiana’s largest-capacity solar farm is about to come online


Michelle Lewis

Houston-headquartered renewables company EDP Renewables North America has completed a 200-megawatt (MW) solar farm in Randolph County, Indiana, northeast of Indianapolis. It’s now the largest-capacity solar farm in Indiana.

Why Minnesota’s Community Solar Program is the Best


John Farrell and Maria Mccoy

Minnesota’s community solar program grew to 822 megawatts of operational capacity in November 2021. The chart above shows the progress of projects through the program since August 2015, and the nearly two-year lag between the program launch in December 2014 and the successful ignition of multiple megawatts of capacity in January 2017. Note: the megawatt sum of projects in the application stage reported by Xcel Energy is a minimum, hence the plus symbol.

Luxembourg’s first floating PV plant is now operational


Emiliano Bellini

The facility was deployed with 25,000 solar modules on a former cooling pond owned by the steel manufacturer’s unit ArcelorMittal Differdange, which operates an electric steel plant in the homonymous municipality in Luxembourg.

Let the Sun Shine: Making Solar Power Work


John K. White

The German FIT model was so successful that the government buyback decreased from a high of €0.58/kWh in 2004 to €0.12/kWh in 2017 for small PV roof systems and less than €0.10/kWh for ground-mounted and large roof systems.