News & Articles on Nuclear Power

Nuclear is not renewable, but it’s listed here for organizational reasons. I wasn’t really interested in nuclear, didn’t think it had any future, and that it was effectively dead. I wasn’t writing about it. However, like a vampire, nuclear kept rising from the grave and stalking the land. Talk continued of reviving it one more time. This talk had a real effect on public policy in North America, especially in Ontario, Canada. Thus, I felt it necessary to include nuclear topics and this was the place on my web site where it was easiest to insert

Renewables instead of Nuclear


Rudolf Rechsteiner

On the Improvement of the British Renewable Energy Policy

Japan Times: Public reactor hearing rocked by alleged government shill


The government-sponsored event was the second in a series of nationwide hearings to gauge public opinion on three options for retaining nuclear power in Japan’s energy mix in 2030 — 0 percent, 15 percent or 20 to 25 percent. . .

Le Monde: Dismantling First Reactor in France to Cost Half a Billion Euros Says Greenpeace


En effet, le démantèlement de la centrale de Brennilis (Finistère), le seul en cours actuellement, est pour l’instant chiffré entre 450 et 500 millions d’euros et l’opération n’est pas encore achevée.