News & Articles on Nuclear Power

Nuclear is not renewable, but it’s listed here for organizational reasons. I wasn’t really interested in nuclear, didn’t think it had any future, and that it was effectively dead. I wasn’t writing about it. However, like a vampire, nuclear kept rising from the grave and stalking the land. Talk continued of reviving it one more time. This talk had a real effect on public policy in North America, especially in Ontario, Canada. Thus, I felt it necessary to include nuclear topics and this was the place on my web site where it was easiest to insert

East Bay Express: California’s Nuclear Future Is in Doubt


Darwin Bondgraham

According to Thomas Wellock, historian for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, “PG&E envisioned many multi-plant sites all situated on the California coast about thirty to fifty miles apart. California utilities, particularly PG&E, had very ambitious plans for nuclear development.” At the time, the national mood was ambivalent toward nuclear energy. Communities mostly deferred to officials and industry.

Fukushima Nuclear Year-to-Year Reliability and German Wind


Paul Gipe

German Wind more Stable Year-to-Year than Fukushima Reactors

Toronto Star: Is Ontario ready for a nuclear disaster?


Tyler Hamilton

As Ontario debates the future of renewable energy, questions are raised about the province’s reliance on nuclear power. . .