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Nuclear is not renewable, but it’s listed here for organizational reasons. I wasn’t really interested in nuclear, didn’t think it had any future, and that it was effectively dead. I wasn’t writing about it. However, like a vampire, nuclear kept rising from the grave and stalking the land. Talk continued of reviving it one more time. This talk had a real effect on public policy in North America, especially in Ontario, Canada. Thus, I felt it necessary to include nuclear topics and this was the place on my web site where it was easiest to insert

Diablo Canyon’s New Lease on Life


Nick Welsh

PG&E’s Nuclear Power Plant in Avila Beach Gets Stay of Execution Ahead of 2025 Shutdown

There will be no new nuclear power plants in the West


Jérôme Guillet

The call for more nuclear power – already loud when the debate was “only” about whether NordStream 2 made sense or not – has grown significantly since the war against Ukraine has started and underlined (yet again) Europe’s dependency on Russian gas. Macron’s announcement in early February to build new nuclear power plants has been followed recently by a strong push to do the same in the UK and by the decision in Belgium to expand the life of its existing plants.

Why the retirement of a California nuclear plant should proceed as planned


Ralph Cavanagh, Nrdc

The letter to Newsom is premised on the false notion that Diablo Canyon is being “prematurely shut down;” in fact, the Diablo plant is expected to operate through August of 2025, which marks the end of its 40-year federal license.

A massive expansion of domestic Renewable energy stops wars, not just climate change


Hans-josef Fell

Firstly, 70% of Russia’s state revenues come from oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear energy deals. State revenues fund its military. Secondly, an EU dependent on imports from any geopolitical adversary will always struggle to impose sanctions on it.

Breaking News: Germany aims to get 100% of energy from renewable sources by 2035



Economy Minister Robert Habeck has described the accelerated capacity expansion for renewable energy as a key element in making the country less dependent on Russian fossil fuel supplies.

Breaking News: Germany aims for 100% renewables by 2035


Carrie Hampel

“This not only benefits climate protection but also makes us independent of Putin’s gas, oil and coal,” tweeted Oliver Krischer, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.

Heat Pumps for Peace and Freedom


Bill Mckibben

President Biden should immediately invoke the Defense Production Act to get American manufacturers to start producing electric heat pumps in quantity, so we can ship them to Europe where they can be installed in time to dramatically lessen Putin’s power.

Germany Doubles Pace of Energy Transition


David Waterworth

“All suitable roof surfaces are to be used for solar energy.” Rooftop solar will be mandatory on new commercial buildings and near-mandatory on new residential buildings. German solar has been growing at less than the world average, but with annual deployments set to triple, the expectation is that by 2030, 50% of home heat and 80% of electricity will be green.

Former heads of US, German, French nuclear regulation and Secretary to UK government radiation protection committee: ‘Nuclear is just not part of any feasible strategy that could counter climate change.’


As key experts who have worked on the front-line of the nuclear issue, we’ve all involved at the highest governmental nuclear regulatory and radiation protection levels in the US, Germany, France and UK. In this context, we consider it our collective responsibility to comment on the main issue: Whether nuclear could play a significant role as a strategy against climate change.

‘Outrageous’ price tag: Plant Vogtle cost doubles to $28.5 billion as other owners balk


Jeff Amy

The cost of two nuclear reactors being built in Georgia is now $28.5 billion, more than twice the original price tag, and the other owners of Plant Vogtle argue Georgia Power Co. has triggered an agreement requiring Georgia Power to shoulder a larger share of the financial burden.