News & Articles on Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels ares not renewable, obviously. They are listed here for organizational reasons. I don’t write about fossil fuels–as a rule. However, fossil fuels and those who promote them are not going away quietly. Thus, I felt it necessary to include the topic to distinguish articles that are not about nuclear power or renewable energy.


The revolving door at public utilities commissions? It’s alive and well


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Of the 473 commissioners for whom Heern could find information on what they did after they left utility regulation, 50% of them went to work for one of the industries they regulated, or in an industry-adjacent role such as consulting. “That revolving door is definitely alive and well,” Heern told me.


The White House & Me


Paul Gipe

I’ve been invited to the White House only once. Jimmy Carter was the only President to ever invite me. For …

Hydrogen Pipelines Studies Keep Making The Same Mistakes


Michael Barnard

Recently a variety of studies and memes have been expressing an odd distortion of reality, supported strongly by oil and gas industry lobbying and PR groups. The claim is that gas pipelines move a lot more energy a lot more cheaply than high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission.

Methane leaks near Bakersfield homes renew concerns about idle oil wells


John Cox

Environmentalists advocating new state restrictions on oil and gas drilling have seized upon confirmation last week that two idle wells were leaking methane near a residential area in northeast Bakersfield decades after they were improperly abandoned.

Putin’s war and global energy Security and ecological imperatives converge


Roy Morrison

The good news, if any is to be found in the relentless slaughter of innocents, is a global convergence of security and ecological imperatives in response to Putin’s War. Cutting off Putin’s oil and gas income for his petrol state as global oil and gas prices soar also is global encouragement for accelerated development of a renewable energy transformation to escape both the influence of dictatorial petrol states like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and others as a matter of national security and global ecological necessity.

In a World on Fire, Stop Burning Things


Bill Mckibben

What unites these two crises is combustion. Burning fossil fuel has driven the temperature of the planet ever higher, melting most of the sea ice in the summer Arctic, bending the jet stream, and slowing the Gulf Stream. And selling fossil fuel has given Putin both the money to equip an army (oil and gas account for sixty per cent of Russia’s export earnings) and the power to intimidate Europe by threatening to turn off its supply.