Primers on FITs

The following primers are intended as background for understanding what feed-in tariffs are, how they work, and why they are important. There are several documents by Paul Gipe. These can be downloaded and used without attribution.

There are also several excellent documents by other authors that are provided here as a courtesy to those trying to learn more about feed-in tariffs. The authors have made them available for public use. Please give these authors appropriate attribution if you use their work.

Evolution of Feed-in Tariffs

October 6, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

Feed-in tariffs are a generic description of a policy that pays a price, a “tariff”, for the electricity generated by renewable sources of energy that is “fed” into or sold to the grid. . .

Advanced Renewable Tariffs What Are They?

October 6, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

Advanced Renewable Tariffs (ARTs) is a system of Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) differentiated by technology, size, application, and sometimes resource intensity. . .

Advanced Renewable Tariffs for North America

October 6, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

Electricity Feed-in Tariffs (FITs), Advanced Renewable Tariffs (ARTs)—or, more simply, Renewable Tariffs—are the world’s single most successful renewable energy policy. . .

Feed-in Tariffs What are They?

October 6, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

Feed-in tariffs are PURPA on steroids. . .

Feed In Tariff Primer 250 words

December 5, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

Feed-in tariffs are simply payments per kilowatt-hour for electricity generated by a renewable resource. They are the world’s most successful policy for the rapid development of significant amounts . . .

Feed-in Tariff Primer.ppt

December 5, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

A powerpoint presentation that describes feed-in tariffs and explains what they are and where they are being used. . .

Pembina Institute Factsheet on Feed-in Tariffs

January 1, 2011,   by Tim Weis

How feed-in tariffs maximize the benefits of renewable energy . . .

Feed-in Tariffs – Overview–Two-page primer by Nancy LaPlaca

June 17, 2009,   by Nancy La Placa

Feed-in Tariffs: A Mechanism, Not a Goal–10-page primer by Nancy LaPlaca

June 1, 2009,   by Nancy La Placa

Citizen’s Climate Lobby One page summary

December 3, 2008,  

The International Energy Agency and the UK’s Stern Review have concluded that FiTs are the worlds most efficient and cost-effective policy tool for renewable energy deployment. FiTs create a stable…

Renew Wisconsin Primer on Renewable Energy Producer Payments: Frequently Asked Questions

December 1, 2008,   by Michael Vickerman

Prepared by RENEW Wisconsin on behalf of the Homegrown Renewable Energy Campaign

Citizen’s Climate Lobby Quote from Representative Delahunt

November 29, 2008,  

As the former chairman of the Congressional Study Group on Germany, it is clear to me that the single most important step we can take in order to promote a rapid growth of renewable energy in the…

Minnesota Feed-in Tariff Could Lower Costs, Boost Renewables, and Expand Local Ownership: A policy brief

January 1, 2008,   by John Farrell

By enabling broad participation, feed-in tariffs are more equitable than other renewable energy policies. . .