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My specialty is wind energy, but I have worked with all forms of renewable energy. Over the years I’ve written about a number of renewable technologies, including solar and geothermal energy. In recent years I’ve focused on comprehensive renewable energy policies that develop a mix of renewable resources. I’ve also written about our use of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

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Rivian’s Normal, IL, plant is now charging every new EV with 100% clean energy


Michelle Lewis

Rivian’s 2.8 MW wind turbine at its Normal, Illinois, plant is officially online and, along with solar, is charging every new EV with clean energy. Rivian announced it would install the wind turbine in June 2022, and Charlottesville, Virginia-based Apex Clean Energy began construction of the turbine in May. Now it’s up and running and capable of generating nearly 10 million kilowatt-hours of electricity a year – enough to power 890 average US homes.

Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant, Middletown, Pennsylvania.circa 1976.

What was the French-German spat on energy really about?


Jérôme Guillet

The French nuclear programme was a great success, but the conditions to replicate it are gone, and there will be no new nuclear plants built because they cannot be financed, and there are cheaper alternatives (and baseload is not adapted to our new system).

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A Feast of Fools: What happens when politics gets lost?


Alan Simpson

Sunak’s next distraction will be ‘pylon wars’. Thousands of miles on high voltage cabling are needed to ship electricity from off-shore wind farms to towns and cities. This requires hundreds of thousands of new pylons. Everything that was off-shore and out-of-sight suddenly becomes an environmental battleground. Communities are already mobilising to challenge the process.

Alberta Zeroing In 2023

Zeroing In: Pathways to an affordable net-zero grid in Alberta


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By the end of this year, Alberta will have successfully phased out coal-fired generation, which was the dominant source of electricity just six years ago. Alberta is already becoming the renewable energy capital of Canada. More than three-quarters of solar and wind generation capacity built in Canada last year was in Alberta.

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How Many Things Must One Analyst Get Wrong In Order To Proclaim A Convenient Decarbonization Minerals Shortage?


Michael Barnard

Yesterday, as I’m writing this, Dave Borlace of Just Have a Think dropped a new video. This one was debunking the somewhat infamous Simon Michaux un-peer reviewed document which purported to prove that there weren’t enough minerals in the world to enable us to get off of fossil fuels.

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