Photos of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

There are very few if any Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) under development today. It’s unlikely that there are any in commercial service anywhere in the world. The technology has reached a dead end. For why that is so, see my most recent book Wind Energy for the Rest of Us.

Most of the turbines pictured here were inoperative when the photo was taken. Many of them–if not all–were removed years ago. Of the few that were operating when the photo was taken it is noted in the caption.

Adecon Darrieus VAWT

Alcoa Darrieus VAWT

Alcoa Household-Size Darrieus VAWT

Crissy Field Small VAWT Demonstration Photos

DAF-Indal Darrieus VAWT

Dansk Vindkraft Giromill

Éole Darrieus VAWT

FloWind 17 m & 19 m Darrieus VAWT

FloWind 25 m Installation

Georges Jean Marie Darrieus

Mariah Windspire

McDonnell Aircraft Giromill

Pinson Cycloturbine

Vestas Bi-blade Darrieus

VAWTPower at Clines Corner