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  • January 1, 2022,   by Jonathan Milne

    A waterfront lantern festival powered by a 'wind tree' was the last gasp for a failing business. In the final in a three-part series, Jonathan Milne reports how Evan Price's chickens came home to...

    December 7, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

    With the exception of FloDesign/Ogin, shrouded turbines have fallen out of favor with inventors as well as the media. The buzz in 2013 was all about kites or as their promoters prefer to call them...[more]

    December 7, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

    The world record for the longest 'kite fly' is 180 hours.[more]

  • December 4, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

    Guy Dauncey’s novel Journey to the Future: A Better World is Possible has been extolled by a who’s who of Canadian environmental thought leaders from Elizabeth May, onetime leader of Canada’s Green...[more]

    November 24, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

    David Toke's China’s Role in Reducing Carbon Emissions: The Stabilisation of Energy Consumption and the Deployment of Renewable Energy provides a valuable service in explaining--in English--China's...[more]

    November 24, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

    Germany’s Energy Transition is a compilation of articles on the progress of Germany's revolutionary transition to renewable energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power. It joins a growing list of...[more]

    November 21, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

    For those who've fought the wind wars and done battle with renewable energy skeptics, climate denialists, and the "wind turbines cause cancer" crowd, Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Communicated Disease by...[more]

  • December 1, 2021,  

    The support plan is available to small-scale renewable energy facilities of up to 500 kW, which are incentivised through a feed-in tariff (FiT) mechanism, while installations larger than 500 kW will...

    November 22, 2021,   by Emiliano Bellini

    The facility was deployed with 25,000 solar modules on a former cooling pond owned by the steel manufacturer's unit ArcelorMittal Differdange, which operates an electric steel plant in the homonymous...

    November 15, 2021,   by Max Hall

    With Paris having retroactively reduced solar feed-in tariff rates guaranteed for 20 years in 2006 and 2010, developer Solar Electric Holding has been unsuccessful in a legal bid to force the...

    November 15, 2021,   by Anna Ivanova

    The Swiss government will provide CHF 450 million (USD 487.47m/EUR 425.81m) in one-off subsidies to support the expansion of solar PV systems in the country in 2022, the Swiss Federal Office of...

    November 12, 2021,   by John K. White

    The German FIT model was so successful that the government buyback decreased from a high of €0.58/kWh in 2004 to €0.12/kWh in 2017 for small PV roof systems and less than €0.10/kWh for ground-mounted...

  • October 19, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

    The York County History Center’s Virtual Exhibition of the Smith-Putnam wind turbine has gone live. Opening with a stunning photo of five men standing on one of the two blades after the giant turbine...[more]

    October 18, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

    19 October marks 80 years since testing began of the 1.25 MW Smith-Putnam turbine on Grandpas’ Knob near Rutland, Vermont in 1941. To mark the occasion, the York County History Center in York,...[more]

    September 14, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

    La Puissance du Vent: Des moulins á vent aux éoliennes modernes by Philippe Bruyerre is a major work on the history of wind energy particularly in France, but also elsewhere. His book earns a place...[more]

  • November 4, 2021,   by Gwénaëlle Deboutte

    France has announced a new 10-measure plan to facilitate solar deployment, featuring new and existing provisions. It is designed to support the installation of more than 3 GW per year throughout the...

    November 4, 2021,  

    Solar PV deployment on rooftops in the UK is forecast to exceed 500MWdc in 2022, representing a landmark moment for the UK solar industry.

    November 1, 2021,   by Michael Bloch

    Confusing Australia’s national solar rebate with feed-in tariffs is still pretty common – this explainer clarifies the differences between the two incentives and what they are worth.

  • December 20, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

    This may be more than you want to know. I had my doubts about my upcoming surgery for a torn rotator cuff. It had been six months since I injured myself and I was beginning to think that maybe I...[more]

    April 30, 2021,   by Paul Gipe

    Preben Maegaard died 25 March 2021. He was 84. His death likely won't mean much to most North Americans. After all he wasn't a household name like reality TV stars Caitlyn Jenner or Kanye West. It...[more]

    December 4, 2020,   by Jérôme Guillet

    A "subsidy" is a straightforward allocation of taxpayer money by a public authority to prop up the production of a good or service by the private sector, used to offset market failures and...

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