Cleanvertec Of Vienna's Vawt On The Roof Of Landschaftsverband Rheinland (lvr) In Köln Deutz 20 November 2019. Photo By Thilo Wirth.

Thilo Wirth was working in the LVR building the Cologne district of Köln-Deutz and sent me his cell-phone picture of the Clean VerTec wind turbine on the roof.

Dyocore Morro Bay 20110916 03

The college installed 80 miniature wind turbines on the roof of the nine-story building last week. . . for $240,000 . . .

Three Savonius Turbines In Front Of The Nature Conservancy's Building In Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

Hoosiers have definitely drunk the cool-aid. Worse, it’s another example of architectural greenwashing. According local press reports the Nature Conservancy … Read more

Sfpuc Windspire 20150127 0016

Reno, Nevada is vying for the world record for “Worst Turbine Install in History” through sheer scale, expense, and hubris. . .

Worst. Turbine. Sheltering. Evar!!

The following is another submission by Stewart Russell for the worst turbine install in history. This one is on a bridge in Kansas City and uses two of Southwest Windpower’s Air series turbines. As Stewart points out, the turbines are behind the solar panels.

Adobe Systems With Mariah Windspire Turbines On Top Of The Parking Garage.

You have to give them credit, small turbine manufacturers are a competitive lot, especially small VAWT suppliers. They are tripping over themselves to see who can win the award for worst turbine install.

Mike Nelson call this the worst turbine install in history. It certainly ranks right up there with some recent installations by Mariah, a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine manufacturer.

Stewart Russell captured these photos of a Mariah Windspire installed at the College School in St. Louis. Stewart is an experienced wind hand and noted that the Windspire, which is an unguyed, cantilevered VAWT, was swaying in the wind. A flyer was posted on the turbine saying that this swaying was normal.

This is a classic example of how not to install wind turbines to best advantage. The best that can be said about this installation is that at least they were not mounted on top of the building.