Clarkson University Visser Turbine

On 14 June the Adirondack Explorer reported that two small ducted wind turbines have been installed in the Adirondack Mountains … Read more

Ten years of the turbine in our backyard has shown we can coexist with wind energy.

Mykonos Wind Mill From Frank Eldridge's Book Wind Machines, Page 9, 1975.

I receive a fair amount of mail of the “What do you think of this” variety. Often it’s a quick push of the delete key and I am off about my business. Occasionally I’ve been known to go “Hmm” and forced to go a little further. A proposal by SAILWIND from the Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Gestaltung, Konstanz (the University of Applied Sciences, Constance) falls into the latter category.

Wind Tree By New Wind

A waterfront lantern festival powered by a ‘wind tree’ was the last gasp for a failing business. In the final in a three-part series, Jonathan Milne reports how Evan Price’s chickens came home to roost – on a steel tree.

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Ron Swenson, an old hand at solar and electric vehicles reached out to me after I mentioned Sky Sails when I railed against a thoughtless article in the Guardian about a bladeless wind turbine. Turns out Swenson is also an old hand at competitive sailing too.

The turbine, which whirls on Outer Main Street across from Maxcy Hall, was engineered by Ducted Wind Turbines, founded by Clarkson professor Kenneth Visser.

On 26 June 2019 the Raleigh, North Carolina News & Observer reported that James Allen Rowan of Mag-Wind fame appeared in federal court in an orange jump suit to stand trial for fraud.

Vortex Tacoma At Avila 1200x800 Jpg

As a subscriber to the Guardian newspaper I nearly choked on my coffee at 4.30 in the morning last week while I was scrolling through my news feed. I stumbled on Bladeless turbines could bring wind power to your home. “Oh Lordy,” I thought to myself. “My inbox is going to be full of this all day.” Sure enough, a few minutes later I get a ping and it was Bob Tregilus (he’s an early riser too) texting, “Did you see this.”

Alejandro Martinez Driving The Mounting Bolts On The Bergey 15. Note The Heating Elements Protruding From The Main Frame On The Bergey 15. These Are Used As A Dump Load To Control Stall.

Bruce Hatchett of Pacific Solar & Wind gave me a call a few weeks ago to tell me they were installing a Bergey 15 kW wind turbine in Tehachapi, wondering if I wanted to get some photos of it. “I don’t do that anymore,” I whined to Hatchett. “I have a full agenda playing with electric cars.”

Small Scale Renewables Sven Ruin

Small-Scale Renewable Energy Systems is a slim 210-page book on hybrid renewable projects by Swedish authors Sven Ruin and Göran Sidén.