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Because of my critical articles on Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines, Wind Harvest’s Kevin Wolf contacted me with background on what failed … Read more

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So there you have it. Both Heirloom and AirLoom are variants of long-failing technological pathways. They are both massively mechanically complicated for little return. They are both funded by Bill Gates. They are both destined for the dust heap of history. It’s remarkable that anyone would give them money, and it’s remarkable how much fawning press they’ve received. In this case, history is both repeating itself, and rhyming.

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Transpower was another of those companies that thought they had a bright idea about how to harness wind energy in … Read more

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While strolling through the Bakersfield Museum of Art this summer—yes, don’t laugh, we have an art museum here—I came across … Read more

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Thilo Wirth visited the Grevenbroich test site west of Cologne 24 September 2023. He found that Agile Wind Power’s test … Read more

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Agile Wind Power is removing its giant VAWT from the Grevenbroich test site. The dismantlement follows the second failure of … Read more

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Swiss VAWT Vertical Sky has been re-installed at Germany’s Grevenbroich test site west of Cologne.

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A waterfront lantern festival powered by a ‘wind tree’ was the last gasp for a failing business. In the final in a three-part series, Jonathan Milne reports how Evan Price’s chickens came home to roost – on a steel tree.

Agile Wind Power Vertical Sky 32. Https://www.agilewindpower.com/en/media

On 21 November Thilo Wirth visited the Grevenbroich test site west of Cologne and took several photos of the damaged Agile Wind Power’s Vertical Sky 32.

Agile Wind Power Vertical Sky 32. Https://www.agilewindpower.com/en/media

Swiss VAWT Vertical Sky 32 lost one of its three rotor arms and blade Sunday 15 November at the Grevenbroich test site according to German media. The prototype turbine was installed at the test site west of Cologne, Germany in September.