Northern Power Systeems' Nps 100 At The Girvan Community Hospital, Scotland.

After arriving at NREL in February 2001, the Northern Power Systems’ NorthWind 100 wind turbine was used for a variety of wind energy research projects such as early hybrid wind/diesel systems for deployment in Alaska. In cooperation with NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Northern Power Systems developed the NorthWind 100 to demonstrate extreme cold-weather operation in Vermont, Colorado, Alaska, the South Pole, and eventually a futuristic application on Mars.

Folkecenter Ydby Denmark 1998 09

Later this week is the Folkecenter’s 8th Small Wind Conference, following quickly on the heels of the great Husum Wind … Read more

Raising Air Wulf Field 2002 43 1200 01 Jpg

In another sign of the times, I’ve closed Wulf Field and sold the property to the neighboring wind farm managed by Windstream Properties.

Cel 464 Professional Grade Sound Level Meter (right) And Field Calibration Tone Generator (left).

I have a Casella CEL-464 professional-grade sound level meter for sale. I used the unit during the early 2000s to measure the noise emissions from small wind turbines.

Sven Ruin brought to my attention the test summary report on Solid Wind’s 14-meter diameter, 25 kW wind turbine. The report was issued in mid-2015.

This study assesses the feasibility and performance of micro-wind
turbines installed at different hub heights at the Toronto and Region Conservation’s Living City Campus wind field test in Vaughan, Ontario at the Kortright Centre for Conservation.

Sfpuc Windspire 20150127 0016

The Windspire is a vertical‐axis gyromill. The H‐rotor is 1.22 m (4 ft) in diameter by 6.1 m (20 ft) tall, capturing a swept area of 7.43 m2 (80 ft2). The data presented in this report was collected during a power performance test conducted by Windward Engineering from 21 October to 28 October 2011. The test was conducted at Windward Engineering’s Spanish Fork, UT test facility.

The most sophisticated and comprehensive study of small rooftop wind turbines in the Americas concludes rooftop wind turbines are “Not cost-effective at this site”. . .

The acoustic noise test was conducted to the IEC 61400-11 Edition 2.1.

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The French test site, SEPEN (Site Expérimental pour le Petit Eolien de Narbonne), published a performance report 28 September 2009 … Read more