Clarkson University Visser Turbine

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Swift At Nrel Jpg

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A thorough analysis of the concept by an experienced renewable energy journalist.

The turbine, which whirls on Outer Main Street across from Maxcy Hall, was engineered by Ducted Wind Turbines, founded by Clarkson professor Kenneth Visser.

Ken Visser Clarkson University Wind Turbine Jpeg

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced 19 November 2019 that the Distributed Wind Competitiveness Improvement Project had awarded a grant to Ducted Turbines of Potsdam, New York for nearly $200,000.

Cleanvertec Of Vienna's Vawt On The Roof Of Landschaftsverband Rheinland (lvr) In Köln Deutz 20 November 2019. Photo By Thilo Wirth.

Thilo Wirth was working in the LVR building the Cologne district of Köln-Deutz and sent me his cell-phone picture of the Clean VerTec wind turbine on the roof.

Cleanvertec Of Vienna's Vawt On The Roof Of Landschaftsverband Rheinland (lvr) In Köln Deutz In The Spring Of 2018.

While deleting some old files–yes, I am one of those who deletes unnecessary files–I came across two photos I meant to post in 2018.

Honneywell Windtronics Cansia 2011 03 1200x800 04 Jpg

I pay a price for debunking various wind turbine flim-flams and posting critiques on my web site. Consequently, I am cursed to be listed by Google and Indian call centers as the person to call if a dissatisfied owner or investor wants to know how to fix the broken thing on their roof.

I’d seen a reference to the technical paper, Optimization of a vertical axis wind turbine for application in an urban/suburban area, by two academics making the rounds but didn’t take much notice of it before now.

The onslaught of super-dooper new windmill inventions is never ending. Frankly it’s wearing out us old timers. We can’t keep up with the damn things. We try to ignore them but our friends and colleagues keep throwing them in our faces, forcing us to react.