Small Scale Renewables Sven Ruin

Small-Scale Renewable Energy Systems is a slim 210-page book on hybrid renewable projects by Swedish authors Sven Ruin and Göran Sidén.

Rare photo of a Magnus effect wind turbine at the Southern California Edison test site near Palm Springs sometime in the late 1970s or early 1980s. It was featured on the cover off Popular Science Magazine.

I bristled when Vaughn Nelson contacted me for help with his new book Innovative Wind Turbines. Not that it was Vaughn. He’s my mentor and the founder of West Texas A&M University’s Alternative Energy Institute (AEI). Vaughn first taught me the importance of swept area and how to quickly cut through the hype that often surrounds new wind turbines. He’s the physicist I turn to when I have a wind question. And no it wasn’t that he was asking for some photos I’d taken decades ago of obscure wind turbines. It was simply the word “innovative.”


The expansive title of Vaughn Nelson’s Wind Energy is appropriate as Nelson delves into such taboo topics as population, exponential growth, and exhaustion of fossil fuels.


This is a welcome technical tome-well illustrated with photos and drawings that I haven’t seen in any other book. Naturally directed at the Indian market, it nonetheless has taken a comprehensive approach to explaining wind turbine theory, design, and project development to Indian engineers. . .


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