Ulrich Mertens has done us all a very big favor. With graphic clarity and a professional photographer’s keep eye for composition, Wind in Sicht – Landscape in Transition illustrates the newest man-made landscapes we have created in our quest to supply ourselves with the energy we crave.

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There are some books that simply bring a smile to your face–even to someone as jaded as I. This is one of them. There is a joy in discovering what the future may hold that comes across in Ulrich Mertens’ Wind in Sicht: Landscape in Transition.

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Den Wind der Welt einfangen is part of series of retrospectives being issued by pioneers in the field of wind energy as they near retirement. Written by freelance journalist Dierk Jensen, Catching the Wind of the World (the English title) traces the growth of a German company that designs wind turbines: Aerodyn.

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