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NREL’s field test report on Renewable Devices Swift in 2011 can be found here: Power Performance Test Report for the … Read more

Renewable Devices Swift Azure Magazine May 2007 Jpg

I am writing this now to close the book on this sad little turbine and the whole “let’s put them on the roof” phenomenon. Stumbling across an obscure NREL field test report from long ago (see Power Performance Test Report for the SWIFT Wind Turbine) dredged up this dark period in small wind turbine development.

Britain’s Renewable Devices introduced its “Swift” micro turbine several years ago to criticism that its estimates of annual production were inflated. See Roof Top Over the Top in Britain. Since then the manufacturer has revised the claim of annual production on its web site.

Has something happened to the water in Britain since they privatized the water companies? Someone should check because the British government has gone berserk.

The following is an open letter by Hugh Piggot to BWEA calling for action on the unsubstantiated claims by promoters of rooftop wind turbines in Britain. Hugh Piggott is one of the world’s most knowledgeable authorities on small wind turbines.

Your claims cannot be substantiated by the data made available to the public and it is likely they cannot be verified in the field.