Slovenia’s total installed PV capacity stood at just 267 MW by the end of 2020, on new annual additions of just 3 MW. Most of its existing capacity comes from rooftop PV installed in 2012 (122 MW), 2011, (54 MW) and 2010 (37 MW) under the national feed-in tariff scheme, which expired at the end of 2013.

In Slovenia, electricity from renewable sources is promoted through a feed-in tariff (so called “guaranteed purchase”) and a premium tariff (so called “operating premium”), both granted through a tender procedure.

Projects below 500 kW in Slovenia can continue to receive a feed-in tariff (FiT). Operators of bigger systems will offer the produced power on the market and get a premium on top of the market price.

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Through mid-summer 2013, the Slovenian FIT program had installed 3,200 plants with a combined capacity of 460 MW in the … Read more

On 30.6.2013 the feed-in system included 3190 power plants with a combined installed capacity of 461 MWe (this figure includes the TE-TOL CHP power plant with an installed capacity of 113 MWe).

This document includes all the information needed by a potential investor for the realisation of their business idea, from the initial activities to the final project implementation.

The Slovenian Feed-in scheme is managed by Borzen, the Slovenian power market operator. A the end of 2012 there were 2543 power plants included with a combined installed capacity of 375 MW. This represents close to 11% of all installed capacity in Slovenia. The number of included power plants has risen by almost 70%, compared to end of year 2011.

Guaranteed purchase means that a power plant enters the Centre for RES/CHP support’s balance group that operates within Borzen. In such a case the beneficiary sells electricity to the Centre for RES/CHP support and issues a uniform invoice at the price for guaranteed purchase.

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