The province is adjusting its community feed-in tariff program for community energy projects.

A cluster of community energy projects received Nova Scotia government clearance Friday to proceed to the next stage of development. . . Each of the 13 projects from eight different groups is proceeding through the province’s Community Feed-In Tariff program that encourages locally generated clean and renewable electricity.

In the matter of a hearing to determine the Tidal Energy Feed-in Tariffs for Developmental Tidal Arrays

Under this Program, applicants will be eligible to receive at least one FIT rate for single base or single moored in-stream tidal energy device projects and another FIT rate for projects consisting of multiple bases or moorings.

Nova Scotia has postponed the hearing into feed-in tariffs for tidal power plants because of insufficient evidence from participants. Nova … Read more

he Energy Department asked the provincial Utility and Review Board on Wednesday to start the process of setting a rate, or feed-in tariff, for test turbines slated to be hooked up to the power grid starting next year. . .

Energy Minister Charlie Parker said his department will ask the province’s Utility and Review Board later this year to begin the process of setting a rate, or feed-in tariff, for the companies working on development projects in the Bay of Fundy. . .