Enel X and UMass Boston will share in the economic benefits that are set to be created through the project’s enrollment in the MA SMART Feed-in-Tariff, local utility peak energy efficiency programs.

The Massachusetts DOER is in the process of designing a new solar incentive program pursuant to Chapter 75 of the Acts of 2016. DOER is working to create a long-term sustainable solar incentive program to promote cost-effective solar development

This document provides guidance regarding the manner in which a solar photovoltaic facility may qualify as an Agricultural Solar Tariff Generation Unit under the Department of Energy Resource’s (Department) Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program.

The new version of the SMART program makes some tweaks to the regulation filed on June 5, including raising the ceiling price for the initial 100 MW procurement, which will set the prices for the resulting incentive levels.

It’s a fascinating blast from the past, shifting from a common policy in the Northeast — solar renewable energy credits — to an approach that looks more like California’s 10-year-old Solar Initiative or Germany’s decades-old feed-in tariff.