Several discussions of the working group pointed to feed-in tariffs (FITs) as an important tool with which to approach price-parity between incumbents and newcomers in the renewable energy marketplace, potentially a ‘game-changer’.

Local advocates report overwhelming support for Maine’s Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff legislation at public hearing. . .

Proposed 20-year contracts limited to projects less than 500 kW. Includes most renewable technologies.

The Maine legislature is set to consider a bill that would create a feed-in tariff for renewable energy. Maine already has a renewable portfolio standard and other incentives for investment in renewable power production. Will Maine add a feed-in tariff to the mix?. .

Occupy Bath Brunswick, 350 Maine, and the Midcoast Green Collaborative will present the video Here Comes The Sun. This documentary about the European embrace of solar energy is eye-opening. Germany and Spain, especially, are well on their way to totally replacing fossil fuels. The policy used to achieve this remarkable transformation is Feed-in-Tariff.

The commission shall by rule establish a renewable energy
resources program in order to encourage the rapid and sustainable development of renewable energy
resources and technology for environmentally healthy generation of electricity and to decrease the
demand for fossil fuel. In establishing the program, the commission shall concentrate on electricity
generation that contributes no net carbon additions to the atmosphere. . .

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