First Comprehensive Proposal of 2010 in US
Adapts Rates from Ontario for a “Made In Indiana” Policy

  This is a brief explanation of the proposed feed-in tariffs provided to the Indiana Renewable Energy Association and Representative … Read more

The central Indiana utility joins a growing list of Midwestern utilities with voluntary programs.

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Pages 10-13 describe IP&L’s proposed feed-in tariff policy.

  Representative Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington) has introduced HB 1622, the Advanced Renewable Energy Tariffs Act, into the Indiana General Assembly. … Read more

Sunrise Energy Ventures, based in Minnesota, announced this week that it will develop three 10-megawatt solar arrays for Indianapolis Power & Light. Together, the three arrays will make up the largest solar project in the Midwest United States, according to a release from Sunrise. . . A lot of the solar industry growth is resulting from a feed-in-tariff program. Leischow said this project is part of the FIT. . .