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The aggressiveness of Alberta’s moratorium and advertising campaign suggests that the government is following a plan that involves softening up Albertans to the idea that renewable energy is bad. Policies to further obstruct investment opportunities in renewable energy will likely follow.

Through misinformation, damaging policy measures and exerting influence on AESO, the Alberta government will attempt to steer the once-booming renewable energy industry towards the same fate orchestrated by Ford’s Conservative government.

In 2000, the German government launched its Renewable Energy Sources Act. This visionary initiative enabled Germany to increase its percentage of renewable electricity from six to 31 in only 15 years.

On Monday (Feb. 23), council unanimously approved an incentive program to support installation of about 26 rooftop solar photovoltaic panel systems, making the Town of Banff the first municipality in Canada to offer what is essentially a feed-in-tariff program.

Many cities across North America are in a unique position to support local renewable energy development and recover the costs from energy consumption. Utility franchise fees can be used to enable cities to develop local feed-in tariff (CLEAN) contracts, the world’s most successful renewable energy policies. . .

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