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Tony Swan was a rock. He was someone you could always lean on. You could depend on him. If he … Read more

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Our friends organized a group to see a concert dubbed “blue grass and swedish.” The Swedes were bringing their Nyckelharpa. … Read more

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Yes, I made it out of the Southern Sierra Wilderness on my own power but there were times when it … Read more

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Getting Back on the Horse After months staring at my expensive bicycle I finally got on it. Ok, I wasn’t … Read more

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Had to run an errand to Rite-Aid. I occasionally see homeless hanging out there in the morning. It was hot … Read more

Featured Offshore

After decades of ideological mismanagement of the blocs’ electricity market policy, change may be on the horizon. The EU’s policy has nearly obliterated the continent’s renewable energy industry, leading to the easily predictable–and predicted–dependence on Russian gas and oil. It took the invasion of Ukraine and skyrocketing energy prices for the EU to ask “how did we get it so wrong.”

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I’ve been invited to the White House only once. Jimmy Carter was the only President to ever invite me. For … Read more

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After nearly six months my web site is back up. Thanks to the tireless effort of Matthias Bank the … Read more

Penstemon Labiosus

We’re continuing our Pandemic Peregrinations to explore our region of California. To that end we try head out most Thursdays for day trips in our Chevy Bolt. On this trip we drove to Mount Pinos in the Los Padres National Forest. It’s the closest place you can go to escape the sweltering heat of Bakersfield in August.

Alan Simpson, as he likes to say, is a ‘recovering politician and lapsed economist’. You can his find stinging critiques of energy policy, the lack thereof in Britain, and British politics in general at Alan Simpson–News from Somewhere Else.