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I’ve tracked battery degradation in the EVs we’ve driven during the past decade. The short answer is that our Nissan Leaf lost a lot, our Chevy Bolts not so much.
Since switching to the Bolts, we’ve traveled nearly 70,000 miles on three different batteries. Each battery has lost about 5% of its capacity over 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Importantly, this modest capacity loss hasn’t affected how we use the cars or how far we can drive them.

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For folks looking for the tire inflator, sealant cannister and even the styrofoam insert that holds them in the stowage compartment, here are the part numbers . . . from a post on ChevyBolt.org.

2020 Chevy Bolt Ev On Walker Basin Trip.

Discontinued, outdated and outclassed, the Bolt should’ve been a flop in 2023. Instead, it says a lot about what EV owners really want. To go deeper, just this year alone, the Bolt:

At one point saw its sales up 101% over the same period last year
Traded places with the Mustang Mach-E as America’s best-selling EV behind the two volume-focused Tesla models, which is no small feat
Which translated to its best year of sales, ever
Was a leader in fleet sales as well, making it a zero-emissions hero for corporate and government operations everywhere
Got canceled
Then sparked a furor so intense that GM had to quickly about-face and un-cancel it
And will still be the only GM car eligible for the EV tax credit come Jan. 1, 2024

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Questions about the slow charging rate of the Bolt (compared to other cars) come up quite often. While the charging port being limited to 150A is often blamed, this is not the root cause. I firmly believe that the pack design (and not the cells) provides a very limited way of removing heat. If the pack were to be charged any faster, it could create unacceptable temperature gradients in the cells, which could cause severe degradation.

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We think this is a big mistake, especially given all the recent excitement around the Volvo EX30, a vehicle quite close to the Bolt EV’s footprint and layout. Given the interest we’re seeing in that small, well-priced hatchback/SUV, which despite being called an SUV is still among the smaller EVs currently being introduced, one would think that GM might see that a “Hot Hatch meets MicroSUV” format is popular. Surely that’s why they were bringing back the Bolt in the first place?

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After three months, the 2017 Chevy Bolt we bought in June has exceeded all our expectations and then some. Our Chevy Bolt has been a revelation. We also own a Tesla Model Y and sort of expected the Bolt to be a pale imitation, lacking in refinement and overall goodness. We were pleasantly surprised. The car rides beautifully. I actually think it handles bumps in the road better than the Tesla. The hatchback means we can fit all our stuff inside easily. It is comfortable and quiet.

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