Tvind People Power. The Photo Seen Around The World In 1978 As Students At The Tvind School Carry One Of The Wind Turbine Blades From Its Assembly Hall To The Wind Turbine. The Action Was A Not So Veiled Message: We Want Wind Power And We Will Build It Ourselves If We Have To. (tvind School)

Guinness Book of Records is considering a new category–world’s longest running or oldest megawatt-scale wind turbine. The question was thrown at me by Britta Jensen, one of the operators of Tvindkraft in northwest Jutland. She wanted to know if they qualified.

A Gang Of Water Pumping Windmills On A Drainage Canal At Kinderdijk In The Netherlands.

Times change. People die. The rest forget. The past is lost and with it the knowledge we gained at so much cost.

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Thank you, Mr. President, for the timely attention. My recent book about windmills, or what we call wind turbines, has been languishing in a New York warehouse not far from Trump Tower–until now, that is. Today, windmills are the talk of the country–all because of you.

Ge Wind Turbines In The 200 Mw Wildcat Wind Farm Near Alexandria, Indiana In 2013.

What struck my eye is the quote, “Indiana is a better location for the use of windpower than many eastern states, since most wind speeds are higher, the terrain flatter, and most of the trees cut down.”

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The digital version of Paul Gipe’s Wind Energy for the Rest of Us has been re-launched on several platforms at $19.99, 33% off the previous e-book price.

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4 April the transfer of remaining copies of Wind Energy for the Rest of Us to a new distributor was completed.

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Rightwing Poles have raised the old canard that wind turbines and, hence, wind energy, is the detestable spoor of Nazi racial ideology. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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The copyright was finally issued for Wind Energy for the Rest of Us. A long time coming, the copyright was issued under Title 17 of the United States Code and became effective 5 December 2016.

Figure 9 From Albert Betz's Famous Paper On Windmill Design In Light Of Modern Research, 1927. This Figure Illustrates Lift And Drag Relative To Tip Speed Ratio, Describing A Very Low Speed Turbine, A

Yes, I’ve written about this subject once before, Everything You Need to Know about Wind Energy Was Written in 1957!, but I am moving the date back thirty years in the light of more research. The more I learn about wind energy, the more I realize how little I know.

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Largely forgotten today, Georges Jean Marie Darrieus was one of France’s great engineers. While he is mostly known in the English-speaking world for his patent on vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs), he was a prolific inventor in a number of fields from ballistics to turbo-alternators.