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There are some books that simply bring a smile to your face–even to someone as jaded as I. This is one of them. There is a joy in discovering what the future may hold that comes across in Ulrich Mertens’ Wind in Sicht: Landscape in Transition.

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Hans-Detlef Feddersen sent me a copy of a little picture book celebrating the 25th anniversary of Bürger-Windpark Lübke-Koog. He included a DVD video of interviews with the founders of the community-owned wind farm, the first of its kind in Germany and model for the thousands of projects to come.

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The title, Störfall mit Charme, is a playful thumbing of the nose in German at the critics of a movement by citizens in a small village in the deepest reaches of Germany’s Schwarzwald or Black Forest to dump nuclear power and build a renewable energy future.

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Den Wind der Welt einfangen is part of series of retrospectives being issued by pioneers in the field of wind energy as they near retirement. Written by freelance journalist Dierk Jensen, Catching the Wind of the World (the English title) traces the growth of a German company that designs wind turbines: Aerodyn.

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An E-book by Günther Hacker in German is ideal for home wind experiments. Science teachers with a modicum of German will find it a font of simple wind devices that can be made from craft materials.

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I’d already marked up my version of Matthias Willenbacher’s book My Indecent Offer to the Chancellor in the faint hope … Read more

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Over the years I’ve noted more than once the observation that most major environmental groups in Germany give a full-throated … Read more

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The book, edited by Robert Gasch and Jochen Twele, began as course notes for Gasch’s popular course on wind turbine design for engineering students at the Technische Universität in Berlin. Many of the book’s 15 authors are either graduates of or were members of TU-Berlin’s Aerospace Institute. Though professor Gasch has retired, many of the other authors are significant figures in today’s German wind industry. . .

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Renewable energy has indeed come of age: It now has its on Baedeker Reiseführer or travel guide. . .

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I’ve studied engineering and natural resources but my first love is geography. Consequently I’ve become a big fan of German technical writer and geographer Martin Frey. He’s written some great little books and Wind of Change is one of them. . .