California PUC to Hold Workshop on Feed-in Tariffs


The California Public Utility Commission (PUC) will hold a workshop on “Renewable Feed-in Tariffs” on February 10, 2009 in San Francisco.

The workshop notice is the first formal response by the PUC to the recommendations by the California Energy Commission that the PUC immediately implement a system of differentiated feed-in tariffs for renewable energy projects less than 20 MW.

The workshop is to determine whether the PUC should open an existing docket to include expanding the present feed-in tariff for projects up to 1.5 MW that has been largely ineffectual.

Prior to the workshop, staff will issue a data request that will identify the topics of the workshop and contain questions seeking comment. Contact Jaclyn Marks at or 415-703-2257 for more details.

Wisconsin has also opened a formal docket into Advanced Renewable Tariffs, a system of feed-in tariffs differentiated by technology, size, application, and resource intensity.

Hawaii’s Public Service Commission has also opened a docket on feed-in tariffs.

The commissions in both Wisconsin and Hawaii are on expedited schedules. Hawaii’s feed-in tariffs are to be implemented by mid-summer.