Austrian Suburb Pays More for Solar PV Than Any Other Location

According to the March 2006 issue of Photon International, the Vienna suburb of Purkersdorf pays 1 €/kWh ($1.437 CAD/kWh, $1.263 USD/kWh) for photovoltaic electricity. The Austrian village offers to pay this tariff, among the highest in the world, for ten years.

It is not clear whether this tariff is in addition to the Austrian tariff for solar PV or is in place of the Austrian solar PV tariff of 0.6 €/kWh ($0.862 CAD/kWh, $0.758 USD/kWh) for 13 years.

Purkersdorf is following in the footsteps of German cities, such as Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) that set their own solar PV tariffs in the 1990s before passage of Germany’s famous Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) in 2000.