EV Credentials

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Paul Gipe writes about his experience driving electric vehicles for his web site wind-works.org. He also posts extensively on Facebook, LinkedIn, and EV forums. He’s driven electric since 2014.

Gipe has explored Southern California in a limited-range Nissan Leaf, a range-extended Chevy Volt, and a Chevy Bolt. He’s currently on his second Bolt, a 2020 model with a nearly 260-mile range.

He’s been writing about EVs since 2011 when he was asked to test drive GM’s new Chevy Volt through the wind farms of the Tehachapi Pass. Gipe’s Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Vehicles now has some 60 entries.

His most adventurous trip in an EV was driving a Chevy Bolt over the Elkhorn Grade where he and his wife Nancy Nies crossed the Temblor Mountains (of San Andreas Fault fame) and onto Carrizo Plains National Monument. The trip necessitated some unexpected off-road travel not recommended for the faint of heart.

Gipe and Nies have taken their 2020 Chevy Bolt on two 1500-mile trips to northern California and southern Oregon, charging at numerous DC fast charging stations and at various hotels along the way.

Gipe is most well known for his books on wind energy. His most recent book is Wind Energy for the Rest of Us, a 516-page tome.