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  • January 27, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

    Presentation for the Buena Vista Group of the Kern-Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club 1 February 2020 Bakersfield, California. Check against delivery.

    January 23, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

    While prepping for an upcoming talk to the local chapter of the Sierra Club about electric vehicles I stumbled on our local utility's web site promoting EVs.[more]

    January 20, 2020,   by Paul Gipe

    In Top 3 Advantages of EVs, an article on Cleantechnica, Johnna Crider cites DOE's Saving on Fuel and Vehicle Costs web page for some numbers on how it's cheaper to driver an electric car than a...[more]

    January 20, 2020,   by Bengt Halvorson

    The most controversial move within the law may well be how it allocates that rebate. For the first year it’s offered, the amount of the incentive “shall be equal to $25 per mile of EPA-rated...

    January 19, 2020,   by Johnna Crider

    There are many electric vehicle (EV) advantages, but the top benefit according to EV drivers in survey after survey is the environmental benefit of driving electric. Our friends at Third Row Podcast...

  • January 6, 2020,  

    With current pricing scheme not interesting to investors, Indonesia now preparing improved geothermal feed-in-tariff structure based on the investment value or project economics.

    December 31, 2019,  

    The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) on Tuesday announced the 2020 feed-in tariff (FIT) rates for renewable energy generation, with the rate for onshore wind power facilities with a capacity of 1...

    December 28, 2019,  

    THE government’s steps issuing regulations regarding new and renewable energy (EBT) for electricity power plants need to be carried out with great care. Rules that are user-friendly to investors are...

    December 12, 2019,  

    Feed-in tariffs (FITs) are crucial tools to increase the adoption of renewable energy technologies. But setting them at the right level (price) is a balancing act. If they are poorly designed, they...

    December 11, 2019,   by Holger Streetz

    While other European countries such as the U.K., Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark subsidize cofiring, Germany is lacking feed-in tariffs for wood pellets and other biomass in coal plants.

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