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  • April 26, 2017,   by Charles Komanoff

    Campaigns for state carbon taxes educate the public and advance the idea on the policy map. A carbon tax in one or more states will create facts on the ground that can appeal to Left and Right alike...

    April 24, 2017,   by Joshua S Hill

    The United States is closing 46 coal-fired generating units at 25 electricity plants across 16 states over the next few years, transitioning to natural gas or intentionally closing them, and a new...

    April 23, 2017,   by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

    The auction model is supposed to be more market-oriented. It is not. In an auction model, the amount of new installations is decided by the government, not the market. If you have 300 MW of solar...

    April 20, 2017,  

    Five nuclear reactors in Japan were approved for decommissioning on Wednesday, pushing utilities and other companies to join hands to tackle both the great business opportunities and daunting...

    April 19, 2017,  

    “The Company is taking steps today that will position us as a leader in clean power generation and improve our competitive position as we consider a future where carbon is a high cost input to power...

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