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An on-line archive of articles and commentary on wind and solar energy, community power, renewable energy policy, and Advanced Renewable Tariffs by Paul Gipe

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  • January 22, 2015,  

    That means Samso actually generates more power from renewable sources than it consumes over all. Attached by a power cable to the mainland 11 miles away, the island sells its excess electricity to...

    December 17, 2014,   by Philippa Nuttall Jones

    And in most of the energy companies, the majority stakeholder is the state. “This is not a democratic system where people can take control,” says Krzyszkowska. On the other hand, “community energy...

    December 10, 2014,   by Shota Furuya

    In September 2001, a wind turbine started its operation in Hamatombetsu, the northern part of Hokkaido. The wind turbine is called “Hamakaze-chan”[1], whose name was given by local elementary school...

  • January 21, 2015,   by Paul Gipe

    Tehachapi’s Windmill-Wildflower Hike is one of the longest-running such events anywhere in the world. Nearly a thousand people, from children to octogenarians, have taken the six-mile walk across...[more]

    January 13, 2015,   by Ketan Joshi

    For the turbine in question, consumption was around 0.1% of total generation – so next time you see a story telling you that turbines are drawing power from the grid- stop and ask: “how much,...

    January 13, 2015,   by Craig Morris

    German wind power production hit a new record level in 2014, though it only rose slightly – by around one percent to 52.4 TWh.

  • September 19, 2014,   by Tim Conneally

    We recently looked at Zooshare, an early-stage biogas cooperative selling bonds to get its facilities up and running to sell energy into the Ontario grid. Today, we're going to look at a Toronto...

    September 1, 2014,   by Ozan Karaduman

    Various legislative efforts have been made to encourage investors to make investments in power plants using renewable energy resources. The most important of these efforts has been the feed-in tariff...

    August 12, 2014,   by Finlay Colville

    This makes the UK only the sixth country to have more than 5GW capacity. Germany remains the undisputed leader with more than 36GW. China, Japan, Italy and the US each have more than 10GW installed.

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