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An on-line archive of articles and commentary on wind and solar energy, community power, renewable energy policy, electric vehicles, and Advanced Renewable Tariffs by Paul Gipe

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  • October 16, 2016,  

    An anti-nuclear candidate has been elected in a region of Japan that houses the world’s biggest atomic power station, striking a blow to Tokyo Electric Power’s attempts to restart the plant in the...

    October 10, 2016,   by PETER WYNN KIRBY

    Last month, the British government signed off on what might be the most controversial and least promising plan for a nuclear power station in a generation.

    October 9, 2016,   by Charles Komanoff

    Democratic control of both the White House and Congress clears a path for a federal carbon tax without having to somehow vault over GOP denialists. Which could make next month’s ballot referendum in...

    October 6, 2016,   by Craig Morris

    One wonders when the international media will catch on. Maybe never—or did you know that Switzerland implemented a nuclear phaseout (by 2034) in the wake of Fukushima back in 2011?

    September 30, 2016,   by David Cork

    We have a surplus because Ontario operates three gigantic nuclear plants (including the world’s biggest – the Bruce Nuclear Station). Demand for electricity has fallen over the past decade in...

  • June 20, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

    The proofreader dropped the marked up manuscript in my lap the Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend—all 550 pages of Wind Energy for the Rest of Us. [more]

    May 9, 2016,   by Paul Gipe

    The good news is that with a smaller font size and tighter leading (the space between lines) than in my previous books, Holm has been able to substantially reduce the number of printed pages from...[more]

    May 3, 2016,  

    It’s no small sign of wind energy’s success that you can’t keep up with the steady stream of books in English--even when you’re into books on wind energy. It’s even more problematic is you spread...[more]

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